Francis Bacon and William S. Burroughs
When I was a teenager, my favorite novelist was William S. Burroughs and my favorite painter was Francis Bacon. I came across Burroughs' novel, ​​ Naked Lunch , in a bookstore, and immediately fell in love with it. Nothing in my high school reading curriculum prepared me for a novel that was so disjointed and profane. Later, I discovered the massive, morbid paintings of Francis Bacon , and was transfixed by them. So I was delighted to discover recently that they had been close friends since the 1950s, when they met at a bar in Tangier. The picture was taken in 1989 in London by John Minihan.​​
Maria Bamford
Stephen Colbert called Maria Bamford his "favorite comedian on planet Earth," and I agree. She is also the star of Netflix's critically-acclaimed comedy, ​​ Lady Dynamite . The show is a semi-autobiographical take on her tumultuous career and struggles with bipolar disorder. Here is how The Guardian describes it: “The world is a better place for having Lady Dynamite in’s so completely singular that, if you even fall in line with it for a few minutes, you’ll end up clutching it to your heart forever. People will be talking about this show 50 years from now. It is spectacular.” Here's a web series she did in 2007, The Maria Bamford Show , which has since become a cult classic. (The picture is from a New York Magazine article  from 2014.) ​
Nurse With Wound
Nurse with Wound  is an experimental noise band formed in London in 1978. Its only constant member is Steven Stapleton, who also makes the art for the album covers. I recently obtained a signed, limited-edition lithograph of the cover art for his 1992 album, “ Thunder Perfect Mind .” The album was, in turn, inspired by a gnostic poem, “ The Thunder, Perfect Mind ,” written around the third century. (The album is also, oddly enough, a companion to an album by Current 93 , which was released in the same year under the same name.)